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A rough guide to the city
Getting a job in investment banking is a difficult process. The competition is high and the stages of assessment numerous. The application is a daunting task, and it is often difficult to find all the information needed to achieve a successful offer.
This website has been designed as an informal  resource to help future applicants get a position in the investment banking industry. It has been written by previous successful applicants, and provides useful hints and tips at all stages of the application process. It should also serve as a useful place of reference when choosing where to apply and how to access relevant information. 
Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact one of us using the feedback form. 
Start Application
It goes without saying that an element of pre-reading is essential when applying for investment banking careers. If you come from a different background, then try to read a couple of books which give an insight into how the finance markets work and the role of each banking division. This does not have to be too extensive, but sufficient to be able to explain jargon such as bonds, derivatives, equities etc. 

Background reading

For those coming from an economics background, it would be expected you already have a core knowledge of finance. Therefore it would be wise to read up more on the specifics of the division you are applying to, and some basic financial modelling. There is no need to start memorising large text books (which i have seen in certain assessment centres), instead think how you can apply your studies to date into the banking industry.
It can be daunting when first trying to read about banking and finance as there are a vast array of books each offering different depths of information. Below are two books which are easily digestible and provide all the basic knowledge for someone coming from a different background into finance. They may be too basic for those with an economics education, but can serve as a useful refresher. 
Know the City 2015/16 (All You Need to Know Guides) Christopher Stokes
This is an excellent book which breaks down the different sectors of the finance industry and explains it in a way which is easy to digest. This is highly recommended. 
A handy guide which explains the principles of financial markets and some of the history behind them. Especially useful for those seeking careers within markets, but a good read for all. 
The main issue I found when applying was where to find the relevant information. This guide provides concise and useful information for all stages of the application.